Why do I need to worry about worms? My cat doesn’t go outside. My dog doesn’t have worms in his poop. My pet doesn’t have any signs of worms, like diarrhea or an upset stomach.

However, did you know that according to the Companion Animal Parasite Council, 1 in 26 cats and 1 in 61 dogs test positive for roundworms? AND roundworms can be passed on to people! The risk for your pet is dependent on region of the country and lifestyle, but even indoor cats can get worms, particularly from the dirt on your shoes and from sources like potting soil. Additionally, our pets do not usually show symptoms of having worms.

PROTECT YOURSELF AND YOUR PET by following these simple recommendations:

  • Have your dog AND cat seen by a veterinarian at least once yearly
  • Bring a fecal sample with you to your appointment to be checked for parasites under the microscope
  • Regularly give your pet a dewormer as recommended by your veterinarian

Talk to your veterinarian to discuss what is best for you and your pet.